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Did You Know…

  • The average UK credit card holder is is £2,500 in debt and wastes hundreds of pounds a year on interest.
  • 8 in 10 people report worrying about money some or all of the time.
  • Only about 10% feel they have enough money for retirement—that is, if they even think about it at all.
  • About a quarter of retirees spend their lives hovering around the poverty line.
  • Just 1 in 25 people have a comprehensive financial plan that will take them from their 20s to their 60s.

Sources: Institute of Financial Planning, 2013; The Money Charity, 2017.

Millions of people work their entire lives without anything to show for it—and yes, you’re probably one of them. But it’s not your fault. The education system is broken!

Personal finance isn’t taught in school, and usually not in university, either. Nor do you have a good chance of learning on the job.

So… you’re on your own, right? Not necessarily.

Finance Knowhow

Introducing the “No Money Worries” course

No Money Worries is a one-of-a-kind online course that makes it easy to learn how to manage your money. We’ll help you assess the good and the bad about your current situation with our personal finance health check. Then, we’ll show you how to use the template you’ll receive with the course to create your personal financial plan. (This plan is your blueprint to financial success).

Whatever your goal—getting out of debt, buying your own home, saving for a rainy day, or learning how to invest the smart way—we’ll help you create a personalised action-plan that will get you there.

Finance Knowhow

What Others Are Saying

Finance Know How-Home 11

As a busy doctor, I don’t really have the time or motivation to read financial publications. Having viewed the videos I can say that the content is excellent and presented in a really easy to understand practical way.

The videos have given me the motivation and knowledge to go out and start putting together a proper savings plan. Most of my assets are in property, but I understand now that I really need to have another plan as well, as the house isn’t a pension. I can’t wait for the full release.
– Charles Marshall

Finance Know How-Home 12

As someone who has been looking into investing for a while, Finance Knowhow has given me the right push and enough knowledge to put myself into the driving seat. Investing is actually quite a lot easier than I had previously assumed. What’s also interesting: yes, there are always risks with investing, but there are strategies out there that I can use to manage that risk rather than losing out on potential gains.
– Miren Patel

Finance Know How-Pricing Options

I’m currently a startup entrepreneur and investor. With my busy lifestyle, I had never really planned out my finances fully. That’s because it was intimidating for me to take control of my financials, simply because I did not know where to start.

As I get closer to 30, I’m interested in making larger investments for my changing lifestyle. Dominik’s tutorials have taught me, that building a plan isn’t a burden, time consuming, or intimidating at all. It can as be as simple as defining a personal goal and realistically managing my existing resources to accomplish it.
– Sarah Katyal

Finance Know How-Home 13

A very good introduction to personal financial management. The course materials covered topics applicable to everyday life that, surprisingly, are not readily available elsewhere. We found the content concise, comprehensive and delivered in an entertaining and easily digestible way. We are now going to prioritise paying down the credit cards, and replacing the interest payments with an investment plan.
– Nick & Regina

Finance Know How-Pricing Options 1

Dominik draws on years of successful financial experience and approaches the topic in a well-articulated, easy-to-understand manner. He is a natural teacher, and learning from him doesn’t even feel like work. I’ve been meaning to set up my own balance sheet and income statement for a while; which I have now done with the template provided. That gives me a realistic view of where I stand.
– Will Davidson

Finance Know How-Home 14

I have never really considered finance as my strength and so I never considered putting together a financial plan. When I got into Dominik’s videos I found them very easy to understand and straightforward. While he’s an expert in this area, he uses the easiest language and methods so that people can follow. I would highly recommend that everyone gives it a try, especially because there is no risk with the free trial.
– Angela W.

About Me

I’m Dominik Heckner. I’ve been successfully investing my money in shares, bonds, and property for more than a decade—and I have the practical knowledge of how the system works from the inside.

I’ve spent a decade learning everything I can, reading book after book and studying website upon website in pursuit of a single goal: discover the secret of how to comfortably manage my money.

And now, ten years later, I’ve distilled what I learned into the No Money Worries course.

For just a few pounds and a few short hours of your time, you can benefit from everything I now know about how to take control of your financial future—the smart way.

Finance Knowhow

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When you sign up for the No Money Worries course, you’ll receive free access to selections from our exclusive, members-only content for one week. At the end of your trial period, you’ll invest £67—a fraction of the countless pounds I spent on accumulating the knowledge I’m sharing in the kit—and gain full access to the materials.

No matter what your financial goal, the course will quickly give you the knowhow you need, guaranteed or your money back.

Start your trial today for absolutely free. We don’t even ask for a credit card—that’s how serious we are about providing value, and how convinced we are that you’ll benefit from what you find inside.

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